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Mali girl in regional dressI currently have a little number, painting and designing handcrafted wooden children's puzzles for Phoenix distribution. Working to a multicultural and a special-needs remit Phoenix supply puzzles, books, dolls, etc to crèches, nurseries, playgoups and the like up and down the country. The image on the left is one I designed recently Below is one of their longstanding  designs, partially pulled apart so you can see how it works - that one's two puzzles and one fits in underneath the other.

The images can be used to make wooden jigsaw puzles, mirrors that kids can look in to see what they'd look like with somone elses face, and signs for crèches and nurseries. To find out more about their range of products you can visit their website by clicking on the link. If you want to buy your best bet is to ring them up on 01827 706 784 as their not very teched-up and the email link on their site is well out of date.

Phoenix Distribution

Phoenix jigsaw puzzle

The boy is a design I made which is populat on their mirrors, the guide dog puzzle is one designed by someone else which I painted up.