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Caricature - is an area I'm moving into quite a lot now. This one of me has become a kind of logo for OnLineJones, a Web Design site I'm working on at present

Drawing from life - This section contains plenty of new content as well asthe best of the old site.

Drawing from objects- Graphite drawings inclding 2 with flowers, Mum. More to follow...    ...in time

Drawing is fundamental to everything I do,hence this new Drawing section in the site. Apart from drawing music my drawing generally breaks down into three areas, the great traditions of Life Study, Still Life and Cuddly Toys.

Recent advances in my drawing have taken on Illustration techniques picked up in Gallery 37, as well as incorporating the erazor into my work as a drawing tool. The latterhas put the emphasis on tone rather than line, and dominates the best of my recent work.There's also some neat stuff with felt pens.

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