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The Tin Man of the Lickey Hills and other Gallery in the Trees

Check out my new life drawing on the What's New page

Also I've been moving more and more into caricature recently. It's sort of developed down a double path, inspired initially by work on Gallery37, but also just in the general direction my drawing's been going.

Characters are either people I know or inspired by people I know. There's a bit of what I've been doing on the What's New and Drawing pages, but expect to see a full rogues Gallery in the very near future.

I have a range of digital prints for sale which includes this coloured in version of Forward, the Raymond Mason sculpture in the centre of Birmingham which was burned down, work inspired by Jazz and Dance and much much more. Click on the picture to see the complete range - prices start at £50.

A cropped image from the Sax Break is featured on the BBC website as part of a 2003 Black History Month feature on Andy Hamilton. The Painting was on show in the Re-Location exhibition, Radioactive, at the old X-ray factory in Foundry Lane, Smethwick.
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