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A cropped image from the Sax Break is featured on the BBC website as part of a 2003 Black History Month feature on Andy Hamilton. The Painting was on show in the Re-Location exhibition, Radioactive, at the old X-ray factory in Foundry Lane, Smethwick.
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I like music. It's always inspired my work. I'm also fascinated by the challenge of trying to draw movement and the moving target.

The picture on the left is of the late great Jazz maestro, Spike Robinson. Click on the image to see more drawing of Jazz, Ballet and Salsa Dancing.

Clicking on the Ballet Dancer will show you how the work resolves itself into painting. This section features my potrait of Larry Adler as well as much work inspired by Andy Hamilton, Birmingham's very own Jazz Legend.

Sax Break (oil on canvas, 8' by 11'6"). There is more about this painting in Trainers Welcome

To see a larger version of the Spike Robinson drawing go to the Bearwood Jazz website Gallery page at

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