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A cropped image from the Sax Break is featured on the BBC website as part of a 2003 Black History Month feature on Andy Hamilton

Radioactive, the Relocation show is the biggest exhibition I've been in since Gallery in the Trees. It ran in Srptember/October at the old X-ray factory in Foundry Lane, Smethwick B66.

I showed Sax Break, an 8ft by 11ft 6ins oil painting featuring local Jazz legend Andy Hamilton, the first time the finished painting's been seen outside of my studio. Andy came to see the picture at the weekend and on the left is a picture of him with the painting. The picture on the left is of work going on in the empty space {seems a long time ago now) while below is a photo of the painting up on the wall behind an almost finished stage and bottom right is Re-Location artist Tony Appleby and Rob Horrocks playing their guitars on stage.

The painting has finally come down, but the site is safe for two years at least, so check their website to find out what else is going down.














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