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Dickj.co.uk is up and running. It's homepage is on some free UK Online space I've got, but it links through to all the other webspace I have, making one giant site which covers just about everything I do. There is more stuff up there abot my Web Design, links to my OnLineJones web tutorial and more due to go up about my Graphics and Commercial work. Also there is a brand new Jazz Photography section.

Here's a selection of some of my latest drawings (size A5). Click on the picture to see a larger full version
misty vignette of girl 2 studies on a small page Clive's pensive smile ready to sleep Girls back with a dragon tatoo


Yup, I'm moving into cartoons and stuff now. You'll find a bit more on the Homepage and the drawing page. I'm planning a little rogues gallery to follow.

Like thepictures along the top. the drawing above right is a nice example of the work I've been doing quite a lot of over recent months, where I work with a propelling pencil, a 0.7 pen and a selection of erasers. The Friends Institute Life Study Group is where I brush up on my drawing every Tuesday night.

and you can still see the 2004 Xmas Card if you want

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