Drop-in Life Sessions at the Friends Institute

220 Moseley Road, Highgate, Birmingham B12 0DG
Untutored Life Drawing/Painting sessions. Ideal for the Artist or Student or Enthusiast wishing to keep in practice.
Contact Richard on 0121455 9454 or 07905 559 167


Help publicise the Tuesday group by downloading our Flyer (360k PDF) and Poster (424k PDF - A4 scales up to A3 well).

Spectrum are moving

As of 1st August 2012 Spectrum are moving their Art Shop from it's now familiar premesis in Fletcher's Walk to 175 Corporation Street, Birmingham, right next door to the Law Courts.


Tuesday Group

The site has been upgraded so as to introduce benefits to Artists attending or wishing to attend the Tuesday group. These can include:

  • Promoting the work of all Artists attending the Tuesday group on a new FLICKR site set up specifically for that purpose
  • Links to Artists sites
  • New contact page with an email address specific to the group.
  • A News page to let people know what's happening, with an Archive page to hide away all the old news.

We're hoping to get as complete a database as possible of Artists of all levels using the group, get the work of as many Artists as possible on Flickr and then have an exhibition showing a broad spectrum of the work produced by the Tuesday group.


All attenders of the Tuesday group, we want to get your work up on Flickr to help promote you and promote the group. Please email your work to friendslifestudy@gmail.com or bring it in on a Tuesday evening during the Summer so it can be photographed while there's good light.

We would like to include some of your life studies from the Tuesday group along with some of your other Art, so surfers can get a good idea of what you as an Artist as well do as what we do as a group. Pictures will go up "all rights reserved" by default, though we can change the copyright settings at your request.Ballet Dancer

Future Projects - Drawing Movement

When I was a part-time student at the Working Mens College in London I attended a course called "Anatomy, Life and Movement" tutored by Joan Hargreaves ARCA, DA, NDD. The most part of this course that set it out from the rest was the opportunity to draw from movement, and it was always at it's most exciting when she obtained the services of a professional ballet or modern dancer.

Drawing a moving figure can be quite scary, especially in a group where other people are as likely to see you failures as they are to see your successes. However it is a brilliant way to hone in your skills and when you get back to standard drawing from observation (life, still life etc) afterwards you'll find it will improve your accuracy and observational skills. It forces you to look!

Currently there is no-one in the West Midlands offering the opportunity to draw from movement on a course. If you would be interested in attending such a course please let us know at friendslifestudy@gmail.com as we are hoping to set up such a course and are currently touting to see what sort of support there would be.