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Tony Beet. followed up the “a different Tone” album with an acoustic set of  original songs, some covers and some re-recordings of old International Beat tunes. With this album centred around  the  acoustic guitar and the singer / songwiter in him the artwork took on a whole different look, with an emphasis on monochrome imagery.

The cover on the right is the EP cover. Both CDs have the title on a black strip along the top. This works with the dark spine of the CD case to complete the design.

The cover below is the CD album cover.

Acoustis Sessions EP front cover

Acoustic Sessions album booklet, outside pages.

Artwork for the inside of the CD album booklet.

Album booklet, inside cover

Acoustic Sessions Unplugged album inlayThis photo on the back was crucial to the “urban” feel Tony wanted for the CD.  I cropped the photo dramatically after zooming in to tidy up the image and realising that the new view gave it an extra edge.

For the CD bodies (below) I just took the 2 tone image I'd created for “a differeent Tone” and put a guitar accross it (acoustic for the album and electric for the EP.
CD album body
EP body


1. Don't drive a man crazy
2. London Calling -
Strummer / Jones
3. Making Plans
4. Passing by my window
5. Sammy Dead -
6. A message to you rudy -
R Thompson
7. Specially with you
8. Hard World
T Beet / L Campbell
9. Nobody seems to be laughing
10. Tonight
11. Kinky Ska
12. Rock steady
13. Yesterdays Clown
14. Nothing really tops you
15. Rude boy reggae
16. Alcohol
17. Get on with the show (bonus track / demo)
18. Save it for later -
Wakeling / Steele / Cox / Charlery / Morton


1.    Shake your world
2.    God I love living with you
3.    Magical Feeling
4.    Making Plans
5.    Don‚t drive a man crazy
6.    Stand And Be Counted

All tracks Tony Beet unless stated


Tony Beet: Acoustic Guitars + Gretsch Electro + Vocals + Percussion + Wooden Flute + Melodica on Track 7. + Soprano Saxophone
Alan Beet: Harmonica + Piano Melodica. + Organ
Micky Billingham: Organ Track 16
Ray Butcher: Muted Trumpet Track 16
Ian Freeth: Trombone Track 2
Big Roger C: Acoustic Slide Guitar + Solo Track 10
Fred Goulbourne: Acoustic Guitar solo & licks Track 1

Album Recorded at Creative Studios Birmingham UK
Engineer Alan Beet
Produced & Mixed by Tony & Alan Beet
Album Mastered By Nils Edstrom At SBC
Artwork CD Design by Dick Jones
Photography by Alan Beet

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