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This is the first cover I produced for Tony Beet. Tony enjoyed success in the ’80s 2 Tone era with the International Beat and then went on to play Jazz.  This album is very much a fusion of all his musical influences including Ska, Jazz and Indian music.

The artwork, with the use of 2 tone iconography and the picture of Tony recording in his living room, reflects this as much as it reflects his “DIY” approach to making music using different styles and playing different instruments.

CD booklet, front and back pages
CD booklet, inside pages
CD bodyCD inlay


Tony Beet: Soprano/Alto Saxophone/Vocals/Guitars/ Wooden Flute/Whistle/Djembi Drum
Alan Beet: Organ/Keys (Tracks 1,2,3,4,6,7,10,11) and muted trumpet lick on Track 4
Ray Butcher: Trumpet (1,4,5,6,7,10)
Andy Peate: Flugelhorn/Trumpet (2)
Fitzroy Coward: Bass Guitar (1,2,4,6,7,10)
Bob Braidwood: Piano/Organ/keys (5,8)
Jason Wepke: Piano and Bass (9)
Ian Freeth: Trombone (4,6,10)
Big Roger C: Guitar Licks (10)
Breakbeat: Drums & Tabla

Recorded: Creative Studios, Birmingham, England on 16 Track Digital Studio.
Produced and Mixed: Tony Beet & Alan Beet.
Engineered by Alan Beet.
Mastered: Purdy Bhogal (In-House Productions)
Photography: Alan Beet

Artwork Design & Layout: Dick Jones


1.    Kinky Ska/ alt mix
2.    Making Plans -
pub. Link Music
3.    Impressions - John Coltrane
4.    Rockaz Vibe
5.    Manha De Carnival -
Luis Bonfa
6.    Jamaica Farewell - Lord Burgess
7.    Kinky Ska/ full mix
8.    Bye Bye Blackbird -
9.    Autumn Leaves - Joseph Kosma
10.  Rockers Beat
11.  Summertime in India - G Gershwin (arr. Tony Beet)

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