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Early Fight -
is a skit on all those sepia clips you've seen of early attempts at getting off the ground. Made for Gallery in the Trees.

Shadow Show -
Cool Jazz video catches the shadows of Fitz and Dutch overlapping in prformance at the Drum

The Acoustic Theatre -
red hot and skanking at the Llangollen Fringe. This version of Jackpot hits the spot and perfectly captures the atmosphere as the show approaches it's climax.

The Acoustic Theatre -
in and around London. This movie was made to promote a remixing of their version of Mirror in the Bathroom. Also features other songs.

Samba Workshop -
and performance by the Ladywood Community School of Music in Brindley Place for the 2006 Arts Fest.

Photo showreels -
from live gigs at Bearwood Corks. These are made where I have a series of photos that work together, often using continuous shooting has plenty of video I've posted from Bearwood Corks, Andy Hamilton's Drum and Symphony Hall gigs and The Acoustic Theatre. There's also higher quality video in the Video Gallery onthis site

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