Kirsty and Kenny outside the Prince of Wales behind the Birmingham Rep

Kirsty and Kenny







Kenny plays the blues guitar and plays it well. Kirsty is a sculptor who has exhibited in major shows in the West Midlands, and a darn fine singer. Now Kirsty and Kenny have got together to make music.

Their act just features Kenny's guitar and Kirsty's voice. However that's all they need to create a big bluesy sound reminiscent of the era from which their songs are gleaned. The repertoire consists mostly of tunes made famous by people such as Leadbelly and Etta James. In other words Blues and early R&B.

They are currently gigging round the West Midlands, often on the same bill as the Trevor Burton Band, and they have just put together their first CD, "Good Morning Blues". If you want to find out where they're playing or lay your grubby little fingers on one of their excellent CDs you can email Kirsty and Kenny at: