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If I Had a Hammer by Ukulele Theatre from OnLineJones on Vimeo.

Ukulele Theatre is putting together an album of covers including this version of “If I Had a Hammer” and I was asked to make a video using some of my cycling footage. Tony Beet is the Ukulele front man. Tony sold me my first mountain bike. As the International Beat frontman he also played on the same bill as the Grateful Dead where he met Bob Weir (below). Small world ’aint it!

I've been riding a beat up old mountain bike for a few years now, and when I heard the mountain bike was invented by hippies in the hills of northern California in the ’70sand that Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead was a part of that movement I was just a little bit excited.

This image is a little tribute to Bob and all those hippies whose daredevil exploits and mechanical ingenuity went into creating what is the most versatile form of transport going.

At the bottom of this page you can download my 2011 Christmas card which is adapted from this image. SEASON’s GREETINGS TO ONE AND ALL!

Bob Weir, Rock God & Mountain Biker - a portrait

See my Mostly Jazz Festival photos on flickr. They incude these photos of Vic Evans and Andy Hamilton below.

Vic Evans - singing with Andy Hamilton & The Blue Notes at Mostly Jazz 2011 Andy Hamilton at Mostly Jazz Festival 2011



I drew the double portrait sketch below at the Friends Institute Life Study group.

Follow the page down and click the links to find out more about my art and other activities, or use the navigation bar at the top of the page.

The model, Briony Lewis now has her own site at www.lifemodellife.co.uk

portrait sketch

Welcome to the homepage for “OnLineJones”, and other Dick Jones’ and OLJ assosciated sites. Dick Jones is a practising Artist and Designer based in the Birmingham and the West Midlands. He is heavily involved in the local Jazz Scene and works with Andy Hamilton to promote Jazz acts at Bearwood Corks Club in Smethwick.

Drawing of a willow pattern potHis Art is underpinned by a high standard of drawing. It was a sculpture of the Tin Man in the Lickey Hills and a painting of Andy Hamilton in the ReLocation exhibition in Smethwick that attracted most attention. Photography is finding an ever more important place in his work and he is now getting to grips with video.

Design work includes CD covers and websites for local musicians. He is also involved in community work and has taught Life Study and Web Design.

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flickrHome for OnLineJones digital photos. Flickr is intended to be a showcase for the very best of my digital photos (up to 200). Happy browsing.
picasaI’ve started a Picasa Photo Gallery. Having filled my Flickr I've started uploading to Picasa. On Picasa you can organise photos into albums which is ideal for recording events.
YoutubeYoutube.com/onlinejones has plenty of video I've posted from Bearwood Corks, Andy Hamilton's Drum and Symphony Hall gigs and The Acoustic Theatre. There's also higher quality video in the Video Gallery onthis site.
VimeoVimeo.com/onlinejones is another video site, but allows higher quality than Youtube, wide screen format and high definition. Unfortunately you can't put as much up there, put what you put up can be downloaded.
NowPublicNowPublic.com/onlinejones is a "crowd powered" news channel where we, the public, write the news. Also you can upload video and photos, and the quality is really rather good.



I keep my drawing in shape with the Life Study group at the Friends Institute in the Moseley Road, Highgate, Birmingham.

We're an informal, untutored group who meet every Tuesday, and our numbers include everyone from practising Artists and Art Lecturers to hobbyists and absolute beginners; everbody's welcome.

We continue to run during holiday periods and we charge on a sessional basis (not by the term). Special rates are available for full time students on Art, Design or related subjects.


Life drawing, drawn at the Friends Institute Life Study Group

Wonky Saltire - Edgbaston Reservoir
Check out my winter pictures of the Edgbaston Reservoir

...and the band played on.
Jazz Photography on Flickr


2 years and 1½ months . . .

I first tried to get Broadband with BT inJanuary, 2005. I tried different ISPs without success, but just when it seemed that no-one was going to connect me on a BT landline and my landlord was starting to get used to the idea of possibly allowing cable into the house TalkTalk came good and I was connected. If you want to read the story in full and find out how TalkTalk came good where others have failed . . .

. . . click here

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